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Independent Abatement Clearance Services
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This asbestos debris was left in the gardens around a home after a residential abatement. The contractor failed to make the extra effort to put drop cloths down in the areas of shrubs and bushes. The clearance technician hired by the abatement contractor either didn't notice or didn't enforce the improper work practices. 
Floor Tile Debris
This asbestos debris was left behind in the dark corners and closets of a residential floor tile abatement project.
Whether you are doing your own work or hiring a professional to do asbestos, mold or lead paint abatement work, its a good idea to get an independent verification inspection and clearance done by an independent environmental inspector. For some types of projects, it is permissible for abatement contractors to self-check their own work and sometimes the abatement company will hire someone to oversee the work and do the air monitoring and clearance inspection. However, since that environmental inspector is contracted directly for the abatement company, they are sometimes reluctant to speak up or "fail" a project for fear of loss of business. In addition, if you do your own work on your house, a contractor or subsequent purchaser may have questions about whether that work caused a hazardous condition. This is why Tri-Tech offers fully independent testing and clearance services to homeowners. Read more below about pre-demo asbestos survey and clearance services.

Thanks for your interest in Tri-Tech. For a clearance inspection and price quote for more info:

Siding Shingle Debris
"Always include the terms of any homeowner-required clearance in the agreed contract scope-of-work including who is responsible for additional testing and cleanup costs if the clearance inspection is classified as a FAIL."
shingles siding debris
VAT floor tile debris
Here are two examples of projects I was involved with where asbestos debris was not cleaned up or contained properly. Neither of these firms involved would be considered disreputable "rip and skip" firms. They are typical of most abatement firms that work quickly and don't have an independent second set of eyes to check their work. This minor final clean-up of debris is part of the clearance service that Tri-Tech offers. If more than one bag of debris remains, Tri-Tech would request that the abatement contractor return to properly clean up after themselves:
Q: What exactly does a clearance consist of?

A: A clearance consists of generally two elements. The first step is a visual inspection to look for any visible evidence of debris such as shown at left. The second is to collect air samples (and in rare circumstances bulk or dust samples) as required to demonstrate that the asbestos has been satisfactorily removed and no residual contamination remains. Cleanup practices can be documented for compliance or other purposes by notes and photographs.

Surprising fact: About half of all floor tile abatements I have been involved with where I wasn't involved in oversight or project specification FAILS the first time due to visible debris and/or elevated air sample results!   
Tri-Tech provides testing services for what is commonly referred to by flooring installers as a 
"Clean Air Certificate."
Pre-Demolition Asbestos Surveys
Asbestos surveys are required of all buildings regardless of age for asbestos, including private residences. Most forms of asbestos are required to be abated or removed prior to demolition. A few low-risk types of asbestos may be left in place prior to demolition. Demolition by burning requires removal of all forms of asbestos. Tri-Tech can assist homeowners and developers with meeting pre-demolition survey requirements. Tri-Tech can provide recommendations for how to most cost-effectively remove asbestos from a building. Once asbestos have been removed from the building, a visual clearance re-inspection is required. Sometimes additional air clearance testing is required.  Pre-demolition asbestos survey of a house starts at $375.
residential demolition
Cost saving tip: some types of asbestos can be legally removed by a homeowner or a contractor. Since Tri-Tech is not affiliated with any abatement companies, Tri-Tech will provide cost-saving advice where applicable that could eliminate the need for unnecessary abatement costs. Contact Tri-Tech for details.