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5 Reasons to Test for Asbestos in Michigan ASAP

by Joseph Burley on 10/19/17

asbestos warning

Why should you test for asbestos? Is asbestos still a problem?

We don't need all the lawyer commercials on TV that are reaching out to victims to be reminded of the dangers of asbestos. 

A 2014 Environmental Working Group study ranked Michigan 12th in the nation in asbestos-related deaths. Asbestos was used in many building products from the early 1900s until the late 1980s. There was especially heavy use in the 1940s and 1950s, when thanks to the war effort, asbestos was cheap and plentiful. 

While a few forms of asbestos may be obvious to the average person (for example white mud pipe insulation), a number of types of asbestos require skill in identifying the suspect material and/or laboratory testing to determine if it is asbestos. 

5 Reasons to Test for Asbestos in Michigan ASAP

1. Remodeling of Your House or Building

Many projects such as flooring, wall and ceiling and removal and exterior siding will require asbestos testing to determine if asbestos tiles or other materials would be disturbed.

Don't put off testing until the bidding contractors ask for it and risk delays. You also need that information and peace of mind if you plan on doing any work.

Don't rely on contractors to require that you test for asbestos or use proper abatement or controls. Be informed and protected.


2. Building Damage Has Occurred Requiring Restoration 

The most common cause of asbestos damage is water from roof leakage, plumbing failures or basement flooding.

Restoration projects often require testing of impacted areas for asbestos.

Some contractors may test for asbestos as part of their restoration services. However,  you can avoid the markup and know the results are objective and independent by doing the testing yourself. You can also have an independent testing firm perform the inspection and testing.


3. Buying a Building

Be informed about potential asbestos risks in a building you are considering buying. Asbestos inspection and testing is not difficult and should be planned and budgeted just like other steps in the buying process.

Reductions in the sales price are sometimes justified due to the presence of asbestos, but abatement or repair costs are rarely deal-killers.


4. Peace of Mind With Children in the House

We all know that children love to run in the house.

As a result, the vibrations caused to the floors can be a source of subtle and ongoing deterioration to asbestos insulation, ceiling tiles or other materials that may be suspended from the basement ceiling immediately below.

Young children also love to play around windows. Certain older types of wood or metal windows may have asbestos in the caulking or glazing, which is often in a cracking and weathering condition.


5. Weatherization (Insulation) is Planned

Most weatherization projects require asbestos testing to determine if asbestos is present on or inside affected walls and ceilings. This may include testing for a certain type of poured granular insulation known as vermiculite.

There are a variety of circumstances that require testing that might not be obvious. For example, typically buildings that have vinyl or aluminum siding need to be checked for asbestos shingles below. The reason for this is that the nail points drive asbestos debris inside the walls.  Therefore, this can cause the walls to become contaminated and a point of intrusion for asbestos to affect the indoors.


Although asbestos is a long-term threat to one's health, risks are easily managed through proper testing procedures and controls.

Tri-Tech can assist you with testing to assure that your home,  school, day care or other workplace is safe. We can also help you comply with all asbestos regulations.

Contact Tri-Tech today at 248-721-8574 to schedule an appointment or learn how we may assist you!