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DIY Building Sample Testing
Homeowners enjoy certain exemptions from the law for doing work on their own homes. While you can do whatever you please within the confines of your own home, we urge you to work safely and to take precautions for the safety of the home's residents and guests. Tri-Tech can assist you in some of the lower risk home improvement projects that may involve asbestos, mold and/or lead paint. Obviously, some things are best left to the pros.

Samples collected by homeowners are not necessarily acceptable for official purposes. Please check with your renovation contractor, local residential building authority or real estate agent for any specific requirements. Residential environmental testing is generally required to be disclosed during property transactions whether for official or advisory purposes.

DIY laboratory results obtained through Tri-Tech include an interpretation and guidance letter from a Michigan Certified Asbestos/Lead Paint Building Inspector that will be emailed. Please download and complete the sample drop off form and refer to the guidance documents at the bottom of this page. You can download a sample report here.

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emailed reports
Homeowner Sample Submittal Forms and Guidance
Kentile VAT
cutback mastic
linoleum flooring
Classic 1940s 9x9 asbestos tile with a 1950s asbestos patch tile (some types of 9x9 floor tile produced in the 1960s and 1970s does not contain asbestos)
Residual asbestos tile mastic (black) hidden below carpet and carpet glue. Black asbestos tile mastic is most commonly found installed with floor tile in the 1960s.
Asbestos linoleum was common in the 1960s and 1970s (up to 30% asbestos)
"I just got my test report email from
 Tri-Tech... it's negative, no asbestos!!!..."
For projects outside of Michigan, please visit DIYSampleTesting.com
If you are commercial contractor and would like to utilize Tri-Tech's DIY analyses services for asbestos testing, please visit the Commercial Limited Scope Inspection page.
Tri-Tech can also provided assistance and DIY testing for drinking water samples.
Learn more about the history and sources of lead in drinking water and about the sampling methods.