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Asbestos Inspection and Testing
Home Inspection and Testing Services
Mold Inspection and Testing
Lead Based Paint Testing
Partial or complete asbestos surveys can be performed depending on whether there is concern for only high-risk forms of asbestos or lower risk forms as well. Asbestos was put in almost every type of building product at one time or another. It is almost easier to list the few things that asbestos was not added to. My services are tailored to the customer's specific needs, whether it be just a visual inspection, limited testing or extensive testing. Air testing can also be performed. On-site inspection fees start at $125. Asbestos duct insulationvermiculite and floor tile are the most common concerns. Do-it-yourself testing for unofficial results starts at $50.  Baseline, diagnostic and Post-abatement clearance air testing starts at $155. Buying a home slated for demolition? You will need a pre-demo survey.
Its not uncommon for environmental issues to be exaggerated (some in my profession are guilty of this) or for environmental issues to be too readily dismissed (sometimes exaggeration and unnecessary or ineffective regulation leads to skepticism).

Tri-Tech believes in a balanced and pragmatic science-driven "it is what it is" approach, keeping in mind a customer's needs and risk tolerance and understanding when "peace of mind" testing is appropriate.

Multi-Service Environmental Evaluations
Mold and moisture intrusion inspections can be performed. Air sampling and moisture meter survey services are also available. Air testing and moisture meters can provide indications of a potential hidden mold problem. Be wary of companies offering free mold inspections. They may be trying to sell you something. Tri-Tech is independent and not affiliated with any mold abatement or restoration firms. On-site testing fees start at $125 for one mold surface sample or $160 for a mold air sample.

Learn more about more expensive mold mycotoxin testing.
Learn more about inspection and testing for a restoration project.

Tri-Tech can perform almost any type of environmental evaluation of a home. Discounts are available when multiple testing services are provided at the same time. Talk you your home inspector and find out what their inspection covers and doesn't cover. Some are fairly knowledgeable about some environmental issues such as asbestos, indoor air quality, lead paint, mold, radon, bacterial/sewage contamination and others aren't. Read the homeowner disclosure form and find out what the owner knows and doesn't know about potential environmental risks associated with the house.

Lead in drinking water testing is inexpensive, especially when combined with another service.
Lead-based paint testing can be performed to identify lead-based paint, even when its buried below many layers of latex paint. It can also be detected behind wallpaper and some thin laminates. Hand-held testing instrumentation provides real-time results so you don't have to wait for lab results. Additional testing services can be provided to certify a home is "lead-safe" for young children. Be wary of companies offering lead abatement. Lead abatement is too expensive and impractical.  Tri-Tech recommends a managed in place/renovation driven-approach to lead. Most lead paint control is relatively inexpensive compared to abatement. Learn more about common misconceptions. On-site testing fees for a whole house start at $225. Renovation-specific testing of paint starts at $155.

Learn more about the lead testing requirements for City of Detroit Rental Property.

transite shingles
Asbestos shingles (40%) and window glazing (5-10%) in the sunroom of my own home--no worries when maintained in good condition!
Tri-Tech can provide assistance to the savvy (and cautious!) DIY-ers in correcting many types of asbestos, lead paint and mold problems yourself!
General Home Inspections
Looking for a non-environmental home inspection? I can't help you with that. Try Detroit Home Inspection.
Here is a hint when selecting a home inspector: Ask them if they have a CO (carbon monoxide) detector. If they don't, in my opinion they aren't a credible home inspection pro!
A moisture meter is an effective tool for determining the wetness of building materials and whether mold may be present
The expertise of general home inspectors and appraisers widely varies in properly identifying and assessing risks associated with asbestos, mold or lead paint. Tri-Tech is often requested to assess concerns flagged by home inspectors or appraisers.
Infra-Red Camera Thermography Scanning
Infra-red camera surveys are best utilized when a home is vacant and obstructing possessions and furnishings are not present. IR survey can be helpful in identifying mold and moisture trouble spots, missing insulation or other concerns. Learn more.
If you are experiencing respiratory symptoms in your home, Tri-Tech may be able to help. Mold testing in are can inform whether mold spore levels in your home are normal or suggestive of a problem. In some unusual cases, mold may be associated with something other than the building itself. Consider also other indoor air quality contaminants that be irritants or allergens.