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Commercial Limited Scope Asbestos Inspections (Contractor Submitted Samples)
A limited scope inspection (CLSI) is permitted under Michigan law that allows non-certified personnel to collect up to three samples of two different types of suspect building materials! The purpose of this law is to prevent costly delays (or intentional disregard for asbestos concerns) on projects due to the unexpected discovery of materials during construction/demolition or oversights or small changes to a project scope-of-work. Sampling under the Limited Scope Inspection exception should not be done to circumvent the EPA regulation requiring the survey of buildings prior to renovation or demolition. This sampling can also be done when a surficial remodeling project is done that disturbs very few materials and does not meet the definition of a renovation. 

Sampling can also be done for contractors working in single-family homes, which are not covered by EPA regulations. Tri-Tech can assist general contractors or trades with bulk sample analyses and provide interpretation of results. Tri-Tech can also provide some guidance and assurance that proper sampling techniques were utilized. The report format is similar to the one used for residential DIY projects. A sample can be downloaded here.

It should be noted that CLSI is permissible under Michigan law but is frowned upon by USEPA. If there is involvement of USEPA on this project, taking advantage of this Michigan exemption is not advisable.
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This remnant of pipe insulation was found during the removal of a fixed ceiling. There was no way of finding this potential asbestos-containing material during the initial survey.
Additional building material testing services are available including lead in paint chips, lead in cork tile, radon and mold on bulk samples. If there is anything you would like tested that is not offered, feel free to ask. We may be able to help!
Do your workers need OSHA Asbestos Awareness Training? (Hint: cleaning and maintenance personnel who work in buildings constructed prior to 1981 that contain asbestos need this training!) Learn more here.