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Lead Clearance for Detroit Rental Property

What is Tri-Tech's Lead-Plus Service?
Tri-Tech is the only firm in Michigan to offer the the Lead-Plus home-testing option. The Lead-Plus testing option is derived from the fact that the testing equipment used to check for lead in paint can also be used to test for lead in:
  • children's toys or furniture
  • brass or other plumbing components
  • ​glazed porcelain bathtubs
  • glazed china and other dishware
  • ​stained glass lampshades, window glass and metal window caming 
  • ​corkboards (cork trees bioaccumulate lead if grown in contaminated areas)
  • antique jewelry
  • painted/varnished furniture
  • surface soil, including orchards (lead arsenate was commonly used as a pesticide in apple, peach and cherry orchards from the late 1800s until the 1950s when it begun to be phased out until banned in 1988).
apple orchard
lead-glazed tub
Conveniently, additional contaminants of possible concern can also be detected by the instrument. Items that can be tested include:

  • Arsenic-based wood preservative, banned in 2004 (decks, play structures, picnic tables, garden border ties etc.)

  • Arsenic contamination of soil around chicken coops (some feeds may contain an arsenic additive)

  • Brominated fire retardants (children’s furniture, pajamas etc.)
  • Toxic cadmium yellow paint used on parking bumpers, fire hydrants etc.

chicken coop
Finally, on a lighter note, Tri-Tech is able to test the following for unofficial and informational purposes:

  • Metallic jewelry, coins or similar items can be tested for gold, silver or nickel content.

  • Zirconium gemstones can be differentiated from diamonds.

XRF testing is a quick and cost effective way to screen a metal detector's collection for precious metals!
painted furniture
orchard pesticides often used 
arsenic and lead
arsenic contamination is often found in areas where poultry were raised
Got a sample you would like tested? See our Heavy Metals testing page.