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Putting my expertise to work for you, I am pleased to provide the following additional information to assist you:
Yes, testing is expensive. But doing a proper and thorough job from the beginning will save you money and limit your liability in the long run.
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"Commercial-grade indoor environmental testing services on a residential budget."
Additional Information for Concerned Parents and Homeowners
  Consider potential asbestos hazards that may present during a home renovation project. Some examples illustrated here. 
"Inside information" for homeowners deciding whether to have their attic checked
Schools built during the "Baby Boom" were routinely constructed with high-risk forms of asbestos. Was your childs?
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Usually its best to start in the basement when looking for asbestos:
Water-damaged basement floor tile may be the most common household concern with asbestos
A less obvious but greater concern may be duct insulation or remnants of duct insulation that vibrates from foot traffic on the floor above. These day-to-day vibrations release asbestos fibers into the air if not encapsulated or enclosed.
Did you know?

The highest risk forms of asbestos were banned in the US in the early 1970s.